Amplified Projections
David Reinhold


Potential medium for virtual sculpture!


Collective knowledge more fully integrated into daily life!

Soon humanity can transcend the fickle confines of corporeal existence and we won’t even need “objective reality”! Even though if you really think about the nature of our quantum existence there is nothing objective about the reality we are currently living in – other than what we are making it to be. This is merely a minute manifestation of the realization. Finally our collective vision has become so pronounced that we can quite nearly directly modify our sensory input towards our own advanced personal needs. No longer is the knowledge of our most essential location and status enough for humanity – we are entering a new era in our evolution. The event horizon of our knowledge has accelerated to the point where biology is simply not enough. Fuzed with our own creation we are bridging the gap between the creations and creators. As we become aware of the nature of our reality, we take it by the horns and direct it towards a new tomorrow!

The main danger to this change (the main danger to mankind throughout history) are opinions that cannot be accepted by the holder as falsehood. Some call it freedom, but it’s this “freedom” that causes wars, hate and sorrow. Truly, it has been our slave master. Remarkably it’s an ignorance that refuses to relent no matter how many times it has been proven wrong. The ultimate foe to truth: a rebel against the unification. All should have their own beliefs and views, but unwilling enslavement to them is an abomination. The quest for truth must be paramount, and rigid clamming onto self-serving ideals drags your soul downwards. Truly, someday at the end of time, we must all arrive at the same point: or the intention of our existence is futile. Those who have taken the wrong path and are left with their own lies will wither in the wind. Both personal and collective, with different routs to be taken, the final destination must be singular or we are lost forever. The confides of the prefix of the present are losing their hold on what we believe is true and possible. Therefore giving voice to the wildest dreams.

Anticipated singularity!


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