Relinquish Convenience
Michaela Amato

Felted wool, wood, dough, bread, thread, video installation.

Working alone in silent reflection, we realize things about ourselves, about our hands, that we never would have realized had we spun a record in the background, turned on the television, or clicked on the radio. In choosing to pass by shelves of industrial bread and head for our kitchens, we experience nourishment on a level far superior. In careful selection of wool, gently carting the pieces until it runs thin and delicate, letting it sprawl across and in between one another, and agitating its delicacy until it forms a firmer, braver exterior; we have put our bodies, our hands, into our work.

Here, in these moments of careful labor, kneading dough or running my palms across untamed wool, I find a version of myself that is deliberate and concise in my actions. A person that is unafraid of giving my time to a process that will yield a beautiful and nurturing product worthy of sharing with others. A professed lack of time dissipates our chances to experience this trial-and-error. I invite you to put your bags down, roll up your sleeves, and prepare yourself for creating something wonderful.

Relinquish convenience.


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