sixty point one
Sam Winks

right well this girls do
sometimes told I’m VERY

andlets conveersate
A PICTURE of your last vacation

she pointed to the horizon
I’m on the country side Hello, precious
I’m not look-in for someone to
I have letters on my an am a homebuddy

Go out to have part
Love quiet place
Very well grounded

But from I can see
I am into for the most

Something with asset

On the regular

Some ask if I am psychic

So Casual is defined as
And see what happened
Maybe do something that
Who can relate to be lonely





Happy to know I’m hip after all. I fucked you before it was cool-now everyone is doing it. Hope your new community is a bigger community than you so you know how it feels-douche

All of you think that you are better off without me but nobody will stay with you all because you are evil, worthless in every way possible, and you all think you can control the members of your community. I should have taken the advise from everyone who told me to leave you all alone for all those reasons but I tried to overlook them. In the end you all are going nowhere in life and will drag anyone you all can down with you. If you continue to talk shit then people can really see your flaws because yes there are many tricks up my sleeve. So you all have been warned. An apology will make all of the hard feelings go away and I’ll get rid of all the things I have that you don’t want to surface. Have a wonderful day.

Meeting you was the biggest mistake of my life. There was one good thing to our relationship and that was only when I could overlook the horrible institution you are. Enjoy your life that will go nowhere and stop calling when you need help or a pity party. You made your choices so now be an institution and deal with them. We are done so face it.

I hope you all feel the same way when I leave. If you all think I don’t know your institutions dirty little secrets you all are sadly mistaken. But more importantly, I know that I refuse to participate in this retarded situation much longer and plan to do something about it. From what I’m reading all you all want to do is blame me. So cheers to being the bad guy, and do know that the end is near.

It’s a beautiful day in Richmond; let’s make this come true.


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