Hello, my name is Jiyoon Cha.
I am a graphic design major.
I am submitting on of my recent works.
Was this a piece for a class assignment? If so, could we get a description of the assignment’s parameters, or what you were thinking while creating your work?
Pulse would like to emphasize how writing and art exist together, so it’d be great to get a paragraph or so of text about your creative process.
Today we live in a world of the digital generation. This piece is a part of a series of two. The assignment was to choose two different contrasting ideas and argue for each side. My ideas were Email versus handwritten letters. Emails are fast and easy and handwritten letters are emotional and original. I gathered all my personal email accounts and gathered images to show how emails all seem so fast and easy of its functionality. By collaging them neatly to show a generic touch and scanning the image on the scanner I came across this digitally manipulated image. Also, the F and the E, and the As and Ss in each word helped me to collage and juxtapose the type into the image.

Set a rule and create any type of work of your choice. My rule was to “work hard, play hard.” I tried to show the compare and contrast of each Idea. The concept is “order” and “clean” portraying the seriousness of the working condition. On the other hand, depicting the fun and disorganized imagery I tried to loosen up the image for “play”. The first image are papers weaved and the second image are the collaged papers.

Overall I like working from hands to digital. Just because I am a graphic design major not all graphic design work should start and end from the screen. Currently I am taking Analog and Digital Synthesis class. The class gives us as much freedom as long as we combine the two ideas to create one piece. The process gives me more freedom and the results come out more dynamic than when I only worked from the computers. I am not saying that the computers are bad. Everyone is different and my strongest points come out when I work from hands first. Also, I enjoy the organic feel from my work which can never be done through the computers. Computers are great. A great tool and friend to us today. However, my point is that the computer is just another tool to designers just as a brush is a tool to painters and a pen to a lawyer.


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