Send us your work & words!

Some considerations:
We do, we make.
What is it? What are they? Why?
What are you thinking about? How do you know what to do?
How do you work? Do you work?
How do you contextualize it? With the present? Past? Future? Place? Society? What is context?
What themes guide your practice? Do you have a “practice”?
From where do your standards of judgement or taste come? Do you have standards?

Submissions go to pulse.vcu@gmail.com
Text — attached as a .doc or .rtf
Images — 300 dpi or greater. Send information re: title, year, materials, dimensions.
Video — web-formatted/a link to vimeo or equivalent, with stills. Send information re: title, year, materials.


Relinquish Convenience by Michaela Amato

Under Your Skin by Alexander Kreher

Scourge and Lament & Jungle Days by Eileen Halpin

Commute by Rachel Maeves

“Arabian” by Kyle Saxton

Key to My Heart by Sarah A. Zoller

Hello, my name is Jiyoon Cha


4 thoughts on “Artwork + Artist Statements

    • You can email us your images at pulse.vcu@gmail.com
      We don’t publish artwork without an accompanying artist statement.

      Please keep in mind that Pulse is primarily a nonfiction publication with the aims to generate thoughtful dialog for the VCUarts community. While we love all contributions, we place emphasis on the importance of writing!

      Thanks for your interest ❤

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